The newest technology , VenaSeal is the single most cutting-edge vein therapy available. And we are one of the very first in the entire state of Connecticut to offer it.

VenaSeal is minimally invasive and has extremely short recovery times. Like with most vein procedures, ultrasound is used to locate and map the diseased veins. Then, a small incision is made and a catheter is inserted up the length of the vein. Much like Closure, as the catheter is slowly withdrawn the vein collapses behind it. However, rather than using radiofrequency energy to do this, VenaSeal uses a specially-formulated medical adhesive (sort of like Super Glue).

As the adhesive is dispensed, the vein walls are compressed and “glued” together to completely “seal off” the vein. The body then diverts blood flow and the varicose vein becomes a problem of the past.

One of the advantages of VenaSeal is that there is no heat energy used as with radiofrequency and laser treatments. Thus, the minimal risk of nerve and soft tissue injury associated with these other procedures falls to zero with VenaSeal. Also, with these other procedures multiple needle sticks up and down the leg are necessary to administer numbing medication. This is not the case with VenaSeal, which causes minimal or no pain during the procedure. Lastly, these other treatments require restricted activities after the procedure. But with VenaSeal you can resume normal activities immediately. And you don’t have to wear compression stockings.